This Saturday

I don’t always like Saturdays.  Sometimes it seems the whole Saturday is spent playing catch up from the busy week.  Our To Do list is long, and the day is short.  Sometimes, though, a Saturday rolls around that is the we-have-nothing-to-do-today variety.  Today is one of those days.

The girls woke us up by crawling into our bed.  While we struggled to open our eyes, they decided to construct Pillow Land at the side of our bed.

Pillow Land

As I switched on the coffee makers, I overhead Dr. Daddy diagnosing Maddie with a broken leg.  “This is called a cast,” I heard him say.

doctor cart

After her leg healed, it was time for a puppet show.

puppet tent

I saw Katie wander over with one of our favorites (We’re Going on a Bear Hunt) in hand for a quick book with Daddy.


Maddie brought her ponies to the hair salon.

My Little Pony

It’s not even 10:00 a.m. yet, and the weather forecast is calling for beautiful weather.  I think I’m going to like this Saturday.


16 thoughts on “This Saturday

  1. Sounds like a perfect Saturday (and with a “full” Saturday still yet ahead). Thank you for capturing such a great early morning snapshot.

  2. Beautiful 😀
    My daughter sometimes likes to wake up earlier than usual and I try my best to just wake up and play with her rather than try to salvage a bit more of sleep 🙂 I hope you all have a great weekend!!

  3. I detest when Saturday is a catch up day! We finally have the sun out in Houston today. I live in a home where I am surrounded by windows and a brick wall. I know….a brick wall. I need my serenity. Inside of the brick wall is my sanctuary. I can write, read, and garden without the distractions of the busy world we all have to endure each day.

    Your baby is SO cute. Mine is 26 and use to be cute ;).

    Thank you for providing this format for all of us!

    Enjoy your rays.

  4. A Saturday with no plans sounds amazing to me right now!!! Also, I’m curious about the coffee makers… plural… do you have more than one coffee maker going in the morning? If so, that is BRILLIANT.

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