SOLSC Day 2: Six Minutes

Our new house is only six minutes away from my sister’s house.  Coincidentally, that is almost the exact amount of time it takes to brew a pot of coffee.

Shortly after we moved in, I said to Maddie and Katie, “Let’s go pop in over at Aunt Dar’s house.”

“What’s pop in?” Maddie asked.

“It’s when you show up at someone’s house for a quick visit without calling first,” I told her.

And so began our tradition of pop ins.

Every now and again, when life slows down enough for us to catch our breath, we pop in on each other.  The pop in usually begins with Maddie and Katie swapping stories with their Aunt Dar.  After they are all caught up, the girls will usually go off to play, leaving my sister and I alone for a few minutes.  We always end up with coffee and good conversation.  (Okay, sometimes there may be gossip.)  It’s easy, this relationship with my sister.  Sure, we have hit some bumps along the way like sisters do, but for the most part, it’s smooth.  We talk and laugh.  Complain and celebrate.  Agree and don’t.  It’s just easy.  Eventually, the coffee cools, and it is time to go.  Our visits are cut short by the need to do laundry or grocery shop or clean.

“I’m off work tomorrow,” I say as my sister slips on her coat.  “Maybe we’ll pop in at your house for a bit.”

“I’ll make some coffee,” she smiles.

Six minutes is all it takes.  Six minutes to warm coffee and easy conversation.

8th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Join at Two Writing Teachers.

8th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. Join at Two Writing Teachers.


31 thoughts on “SOLSC Day 2: Six Minutes

  1. I love how you connected the six minute trip and the time it takes to brew coffee and then how when the coffee has cooled, then it’s time to go. Thank you for sharing this slice:)

  2. I really liked how you started and ended your slice with ‘six minutes’. It is nice to be near family to have the ability to pop in and out when you have a few minutes. I miss that!

  3. So lucky. We live across the street from my folks – so those are our pop ins. My sister lives far away though, and your post has me pining away for her to be close! I loved your post!

  4. “What’s pop in?” Maddie asked. — so sweet. Makes me think how all our children are ELLs! You are lucky to have such a relationship just six minutes away.

  5. I live that close to my parents too, and your Slice makes me think that I need to ‘pop in’ more often. I love that you write about the fact that tons of things need to get done, but none are as important as your ‘pop ins.’

  6. Love that a Pop-In becomes so much more…and that inquisitive Maddie!!!!! Enjoy those Pop-Ins! Hope you got to do one today!

  7. Pop in are great. Lucky that you live so close to your sister that you can do this.I don’t live close to any family members so this doesn’t work for me.

  8. I laughed at this one. My mom and I don’t take kindly to the pop in. My sister is a master at it. That makes for some friction in my family. I’m so glad that you and your sister agree on the art of the pop in. This is why it’s so great that you moved so close to her last year! PS – it’s good you’re training your girls BOTH to be pop in kinda people – that way everyone will be happy!

  9. How wonderful to be so close to your sister – geographically and emotionally – to be able to pop in on each other. I love that you realized the distance is only as long as it takes a pot of coffee to brew, and it’s great that your kids get that time with their aunt!

  10. My sister and I are now about 6 minutes away from each other, too! I love pop ins with her and I love how this slice illustrates the beauty and fun of close knit family love. I missed being close while I lived in Minnesota, and I know so many people who miss their siblings. It’s great to be able to see my sister’s kids on a regular… and having that good conversation, in person, with my sis Gratitude!!

  11. That idea of easy conversation resinates with me. Also your choice to relate 6 minutes to brewing coffee…gives a real life timeline, but more importantly made me crack up. I think we share the same kind of need, real need for coffee. In fact all this thinking and typing about it makes me want a cup hmmm….

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