SOLSC Day 1: Big Wishes

We were strolling through a home decoration store when I spotted the sign.  “Living on Lake Time,” the sign proclaimed in tan cursive writing with a small anchor positioned in the bottom right corner.  I knew the sign would make the perfect gift for my husband’s upcoming birthday.

“Why are we buying Daddy a sign that says ‘living on lake time?'” my five-year-old Maddie wondered as we carried the sign to the registers.

“Well,” I explained, “because Daddy’s biggest wish in his heart is that maybe someday we would own a lake house.  This sign would look perfect hanging in it.”

“But we don’t have a lake house,” Maddie reminded me.  “He’ll have nowhere to put it.”

“I know.  The sign is just a gift that means we love Daddy, and we hope someday he’ll get his wish.”

We brought the sign home and hid it in the trunk of my car for weeks.  The girls pinky promised they would not tell.

Maddie and Katie stayed true to their word.  They never mentioned our conversation or the sign again.  Yesterday, as we waited for the birthday boy to get home from work, I gave Maddie a birthday card for her and Katie to sign.  I figured Maddie would write her name and Katie would add a scribble or two.  I looked over at Maddie, hard at work at the kitchen table.  “How do you spell true?” she asked me.

I smiled when I saw what she had written:

We hope someday your big wish will come true.  Love Maddie and Katie and Mom

We hope someday your big wish will come true. Love Maddie and Katie and Mom

That’s really it, isn’t it?  That’s what we want for the people we love the most – for our husbands and daddies and children and friends and moms.  For their biggest wishes to come true.

Mine already have, I know that much.

Happy 40th birthday, Jerome.  Here’s to big wishes.

8th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Join at Two Writing Teachers.

8th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. Join at Two Writing Teachers.


32 thoughts on “SOLSC Day 1: Big Wishes

  1. What an amazing feeling to know – to see – how deeply your first born daughter feels! She gets it. She gets you. She is so in tune to the world around her. How proud you must be!

  2. Awwww…. this is so sweet! I never even thought about it this way. We share things like this with those we love as a way of reminding them that we DO know what they want… and that we want to work together to make it happen.

    I hope you get your lake house, and I look forward to slicing with you again this year!

  3. How sweet! I love the part when you shared a “pink promise” I know that is a big deal….I don’t think my own kids have ever been able to keep a secret very long. I bet your hubby’s biggest wish has already come true (to have such a lovely family) the rest is just the cherry on top!

  4. Dang, Dana! You made me cry! But I’m a mush, so… Happy birthday to your man and happy Sunday to your sweet girls. Looking forward to reading more of your precious moments with them.

  5. For one so young to keep that big secret is awesome, Dana. Hope your husband’s birthday celebration is awesome, too, especially this big surprise! Thanks for the wishes too!

  6. I love that you wrote about this. It made me think of the story you told me about the whole conversation during dinner that evening. Maddie proclaiming what her biggest wish was with that goofy, trying to keep a secret look on her face made me giggle the entire time I was reading. I love you guys and I’m so happy with all the wishes that have come true for you all in just a matter of months!

  7. What a simple gift and difficult for the kids to understand, but they did. I could tell by the words on the card, and I was touched to tears. I love the way kids love, so simply and so profoundly. Happy birthday, Jerome. I hope you one day get your lake house, but for now enjoy those girls and the way they love you–they sound like a wish that’s come true, too.

  8. What a neat post! I love the whole idea…buying a gift to remind him of and in support of his dream. So cool on so many levels, but the fact that they kids understand it is awesome! I think it helps to teach and model how to wish. How magical! Love it!

  9. Dana, do you know how much your words impact others? This post, specifically speaks to my heart!! You are an inspiration to so many……and this post is a perfect example of the true meaning of love.

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