Any Questions?

Maddie and Katie are starting a new daycare tomorrow.  I stopped there yesterday to sign some paperwork.  Yes, I understand the drop-off and pick-up procedures.  Yes, you have my permission to put sunscreen on my children.  Yes, I will bring extra clothes in case of a spill or mess.  Yes, Katie is potty-trained.  Yes, you can contact me at work or on my cell.  Yes, in the event of an emergency the closest hospital is acceptable.  Yes, I will pay on the first day of every week.  Yes, you can take their pictures.  Yes, I will be on time to pick them up.  Yes, my sister can pick them up in case of an emergency.  Yes, I understand there may be additional charges for field trips.  Yes, I will call if they’re going to be absent.  Yes, I will bring in two boxes of Kleenex, a package of wipes, and a box of crayons.  Yes, I understand you cannot administer medicine without a doctor’s note.  Yes, I understand no outside food is allowed.

“Do you have any questions?” the woman behind the desk asked me.

Will they be loved here?

“Nope, no questions,” I smiled.

Join in Slice of Life Story writing on Tuesdays!  Add your link at Two Writing Teachers.

Join in Slice of Life Story writing on Tuesdays! Add your link at Two Writing Teachers.


22 thoughts on “Any Questions?

  1. Boy the end tugged at my heart. I remember writing that on Braeden’s application last year, that I wanted him to be loved. It’s a tough thing. They will be happy. They will be safe. They will connect with new teachers and new friends. They will be loved.

  2. Oh, Dana!
    So many memories to capture! What a great reminder to teachers at this midpoint of the year – Don’t get bogged down in the assessments and the paperwork! Make sure that you know each child and that each child knows that you respect and love them!

    (Don't you feel sorry for those child care folks that I will want to vet for my grandchild???)

  3. All I could think as I read your slice was about how we present ourselves to parents. Are we all business? Do we drill them with all the do’s and don’ts? Do we remember how vital it is to show them, and as a result – their children – the compassion, respect and love that they deserve? How did schools – and day cares – become so much more about taking care of business than taking care of people???? It makes me very sad.

  4. OMG, you had me at the edge of my seat. I thought you might be looking for a new daycare! I am so glad they understood. I am so glad they are teachers, too.

  5. Such an important question and one you have to take a leap of faith with. I’m sure they will be loved, celebrated and taken good care of. You’ve done your research, I hope it all goes well.

  6. Guess they must dot all the i’s & cross all the t’s, but sometimes I wish they would tell how much they’ll hug the kids & call them ‘honey’. It would make me feel very good. Hope it’s all okay, & probably it will be great. I love the way you wrote it, Dana.

  7. Yes, that is really what it’s all about, isn’t it. The only thing that really matters. I love Julieanne’s observation, too – as mothers and teachers, we see it from both sides, don’t we?

  8. I hope they will feel the love and you will see the love when you pick them up at the end of the day.

    As for TOMORROW, enjoy your snow day while they’re at day care! (I saw on FB your school is closed!)

  9. The bottom line: Love my girls. That’s all that matters….yet we still get wrapped up in the business of it all. A reminder we need when we see every child at our schools too. Good luck with the new daycare! Love the way you wrote this.

  10. I think all the Mamas in the World (And Dads too) have this unasked question on their heart all the time. My hope is you get a resounding yes soon, and it will come in the form of two little people who love attending the daycare! This is a great reminder of sharing what I love about kids, and how important that is for parents. Great slice. So powerful!

  11. Oh that last line…oh my! I guess you could look at all of those other questions as their way of beginning to love your girls…protecting them and wanting the best for them. What a love-filled post! I look forward to hear how your girls enjoy their time there!

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