You see, there is this tree.

There is this very tall pine tree that stands in the front yard of our new house.  I can tell she is a friendly and kind tree, and I could sense she is in the mood for some holiday spirit.  Yes, she looks just like a Christmas tree should with her broad base and her pointy top.  Yes, she stands alone near the edge of our yard, and she appears to be wanting something.  And, yes, the thought had crossed my mind that we should decorate her.  But there is just no time.  Not this year.

So, I pushed the tree from my mind as we stepped outside to decorate our new house for the Christmas season.  My husband found the perfect spot for our Rudolph, and the kids shrieked with glee when Rudolph’s nose began to blink.  On, off, on, off.  Our inflatable Frosty found his spot – standing proudly, holding his broom, and hoping for snow.  Oversized Christmas lights lined the walkway, casting a holiday glow on the lawn.  House decorated – check.

But, that tree.  Why is she looking at me like that?  There isn’t time.  There is too much to do.  I still have to cook dinner and the girls need baths and we have to pack lunches for tomorrow and it’s been such a long day already and it’s getting cold outside.  Sorry, tree, not this year.

As the sun began to set, we picked up the now-empty bins and boxes.  But one bin wasn’t empty.  I peeked inside.  A whole bin full of large, outdoor Christmas lights?  “What are we going to do with these?” I asked my husband.

The tree smiled.




14 thoughts on “Tree

  1. Wonderful. If a tree is meant to have lights it will have lights. I like how the story unfolded. This is a story to keep and share for years.

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