Life Flows

See More Slice of Life Writing over at Two Writing Teachers

See More Slice of Life Writing over at Two Writing Teachers

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Life seems to ebb and flow.  We started our Spring Break last weekend with a very sick Maddie.  Over the past 8 days, the girls and I left our house only twice… both times were to go to the doctor.   We got stuck in some rough negotiations over a house we loved.  Life was ebbing, I guess.

Yesterday, though, life started to flow again.  Lots of good things happening…. take a look.

Yeah, life is definitely flowing again.




18 thoughts on “Life Flows

  1. yay! yay! yay! YAY! YAY! YAY! That is AWESOME… the saddest picture is Maddie being sick. 😦 You can see it in her eyes even in the video- poor kiddo. Love the video slice. Great idea!

  2. Yea to Maddie’s smiles returning!
    LOVED watching Katie look at the ball return. So adorable!
    Congrats on getting the house. It’s beautiful, Dana! When does the big move happen?

  3. Hooray! It sounds like to ended up being a perfect (almost) Spring Break after all. You got to spend some downtime with your family. (The bowling looked like great fun) and you GOT THE HOUSE. Maybe the universe was just testing to see how badly you wanted it.

  4. Love the video! Sounds like the week ended perfectly! Glad you got THE HOUSE! I’m hoping someone comes in to my house and feels the same way as you did with your new house!

  5. So glad to hear that things are flowing better, but sorry your break was taken by sickness, although I guess better then, than during a work week. Love that you put the good things into the video-much fun. And congrats on the house!

  6. I think after the week you had, you can appreciate the small things even more! Right?! the ups and the downs. I can feel how good it felt to get out of the house with your family and have some good old fashioned fun! The house is beautiful. Savor the struggle – it makes it even sweeter when it doesn’t come easily!

  7. This was so cool! I like the idea of a “video slice.” I had never thought of that before. The happiness in the video was a great contrast to the sadness in pictures of your poor, sick daughter. So glad she’s feeling better and the life is flowing again. 🙂 Congratulations on your absolutely beautiful new house!

  8. The contrast of the ebb and flow is just perfect! I LOVE that you were able to capture that video as part of the Slice too….such a great way to use different types of media in your writing! Just wonderful!

    PS- I am so glad Maddie is feeling better!!!!!

  9. So awesome. Loved the ending to the video. I can’t wait to be inside that house celebrating in the near future. So exciting. Glad it’s all worked out!

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