Sometimes Things Happen

See More Slice of Life Writing over at Two Writing Teachers

See More Slice of Life Writing over at Two Writing Teachers

Sometimes things happen…

sometimes you count the days until your Spring Break and then

sometimes your daughter gets really sick and

sometimes you spend the entire 9 nine days inside your house.

Sometimes things happen….

sometimes you find the most perfect house and

sometimes you might even write a blog post about that house but

sometimes you and the owners can’t agree on the contract so

sometimes you might have to find a new house.

Sometimes things happen…

sometimes people who love you want to help so they

sometimes say, “Everything happens for a reason” but

sometimes that doesn’t make you feel better at all.

Sometimes things happen…

sometimes you slip out of your healthy eating habits and

sometimes you gain a few pounds and

sometimes you gain even more pounds and then

sometimes you realize none of your pants fit and you

sometimes feel sad about it.

Sometimes things happen, I guess.


15 thoughts on “Sometimes Things Happen

  1. Oh, Dana- Great poem. I can feel your sadness and disappointment in it.

    I noticed how you used the lowercase and uppercase S on sometimes.I read the Sometimes with uppercase as hope for good things to come. I hope they come soon!

  2. A moving poem about disappointment. I like the repetitiveness of ‘sometimes’. Hope everything starts to turn around.

  3. And sometimes it’s ok to not be happy about the way things are. We should never hesitate to say “Right now, things are not what I want them to be.” You’ve written a thoughtful reflection on life’s ups and downs.

  4. I love the repetition in here. I was hopeful as I started to read, knowing that she was feeling better. I am sorry about the uncertainty of the house. We put in offers and negotiated on three other houses before we found The One. I am still hopeful that you have The One. If not, it is out there just waiting for the Murphy’s to come home!

  5. Oh no! I want things to look up for you! The unfolding of your slice was perfection. Each new section outlined such separate, yet intertwining events in your life. After each new “Sometimes some things happen…” had me oohing and aweing with sadness and frustration for you. I’m sorry my friend.

  6. Oh dear. I’m sorry for all the disappointments in this poem. I totally understand not wanting someone to say “Things happen for a reason.” Sometimes you just want someone to say “I’m sorry you’re going through this. It’s really hard.”

  7. I Hate when these somethings happen. It’s so bitter, ugly, and sad. But they do happen for a reason. They just do. You deserve good and it will happen. How could it not?

  8. sometimes things happen and sometimes you have a whole bunch of people who can totally relate to what you are saying. You are not alone. We all go through similar ups and downs. Sometimes things happen that turn things around!

  9. So many things not going your way right now, Dana! Argh! Sometimes we have not so good weeks, and then they get better! I know you don’t like to hear that everything happens for a reason, but I can’t think of anything more true. That happened to us with a lot. We ended up back in the same area with the same developer, but on a different lot that we weren’t originally interested in. But…it was all for the better. It’s ok to be sad, but just know, things will get sunny again!

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