Sick with a Capital S

See More Slice of Life Writing over at Two Writing Teachers

See More Slice of Life Writing over at Two Writing Teachers

My Maddie is Sick with a capital S.  Alarmingly-high-fevers, antibiotics, not-eating, multiple-trips-to-the-doctor, headaches, chills, mom-is-very-worried Sick.

I have been a mom for 4 1/2 years, so I’ve seen a little bit of sick.  I’ve seen runny noses and fevers and rashes and vomit.  I know kids get sick.  But this… this is Sick, and it hurts my heart.

This is not my Maddie.  This glassy-eyed, droopy kid who does not want to play or talk is not my Maddie.  This little girl with uncombed hair, laying on the couch for the third day in a row, asking for more “ice juice”… this is not my Maddie.

I’m doing everything I can.  I’m following all the doctor’s instructions.  I’m keeping her hydrated and keeping her comfy.  I’m giving her medicine.  I’m checking her temperature.  I’m sneaking in her room in the middle of the night to feel her forehead or just to look at her sleeping face.  I’m calling the doctors and their answering service and my mom.  It’s a virus, they say.  It’s making her Sick.

I don’t mind that we’ve had to cancel all our Spring Break plans.  I don’t mind canceling the play dates and the lunches and the shopping trips.  I’d cancel a meeting with the President for my Maddie.  But I do mind canceling Maddie’s sweet smile and funny jokes and quick cuddles.  I miss Maddie.

She’s sick with a capital S.



Update:  I wrote this Slice early on Tuesday morning.  Maddie’s status is improving with each dose of medicine.  She has upgraded from Sick to sick, thankfully.






18 thoughts on “Sick with a Capital S

  1. I can sure relate to the concept of a loved one who is Sick and, as a vCard result, not themselves. It’s so hard for us to see them like that. You hit itvright on the head when you said, you miss canceling Maddies smile, jokes, & cuddles. You miss Maddie. Well said.

  2. Poor little Maddie. I will Pray with a capital P. Dear sweet mommy, who just missed lunch with The President, you are doing a great job. Your love is obvious in every sentence.

  3. Poor Maddie- I am glad she was upgraded from Sick to sick. It is awful when your child is sick. You feel like you can’t do anything to make them better. Bring back the “sweet smile and funny jokes and quick cuddles” – they are needed!

  4. Thank goodness with a capital G! That really blows! I’m so glad she’s on the road to recovery. Hope you are too. Do glad we didn’t share viral germs in the cancelled play date! Luke seems to be coming with something too.

  5. You’ve expressed perfectly just how hard it is being a mom. There’s the logical, parental side of it with following doctor’s orders, etc. But then there’s the real mommy side that just wants our children to be ok. Loved “Sick to sick”. I could hear you breathe a sigh of relief as you “downsized” that one little letter.

  6. I hear the concern in your voice. I remember those glassy eyes and scary high fevers. Just know that you are the best medicine for her. There is no replacement for mommy hugs.

  7. My goodness Dana. So glad to see the P.S. at the end. Worrisome to know that your baby is not behaving like your baby. Parents always worry when they act differently. Hope she is even better tomorrow!!

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