See More Slice of Life Writing over at Two Writing Teachers

See More Slice of Life Writing over at Two Writing Teachers

Little Miss Independent has decided that she no longer needs my help.  She can put on her shoes and her coat and her hat, and she does not care if it takes 15 minutes.

Katie-Can-Do has decided that she can go down our 13 steep, uncarpeted stairs all by herself, and she does not want to hold Mommy’s hand.  “No! Katie do!” she demands as I pace myself just in front of her, my hands guarding (but certainly not touching) her small frame.

Big Girl has decided that she can put on her own pants, thank you very much.   It does not matter to her how many legs end up in one pant hole, and she definitely does not care if the pants are inside out or right-side-up.  She can do it herself.   She can take ’em off, too.

Miss Kate has decided that she can color with markers and sit on the potty and climb on a kitchen chair.  Why not?  Maddie does.

Katie went from zero to she-thinks-she-is-four seemingly overnight.  She is independent, self-sufficient, able-bodied, and not a baby.  She is assertive and sure.  She is our Katie-Can-Do.



10 thoughts on “Katie-Can-Do

  1. I love how you are always able to capture so much with little writing. Referencing Katie as Katie-Can-Do is so cute! There eventually comes a time when…you are no longer needed as much as you once were…no longer needed like that…but you will be needed in other ways, more emotionally. Each stage brings news things and though we are sad to see them grow up, it just gets to be more and more fun! 🙂 Way to go Katie!

  2. Dana, You just had to throw that picture in there! What a cutie! I noticed how you started with different nicknames/synonyms for each section…”Little Miss Independent, Katie-Can-Do, Big Girl, Miss Kate…” There are so many elements to your writing that I love.

  3. Great name for her! “Katie-Can-Do” I have been hearing, “No mommy! I do it!” It makes me so sad and happy at the same time. They grow so quickly.

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