Those Kids and That Mom

It's not too late to join the March Slice of Life Writing Challenge over at the Two Writing Teachers!

It’s not too late to join the March Slice of Life Writing Challenge over at the Two Writing Teachers!

My kids are well-behaved.  They listen, and they follow the rules.  They are  are really, really sweet.  Most of the time.  Last night at the mall, they cried.  A lot.

Katie cried because I returned the coat we bought for my husband’s birthday since it didn’t fit.

Maddie cried because I told her to stop touching everything in the store.

Katie cried because she knocked a mannequin’s arm loose.

Maddie cried because I was walking too fast.

Katie cried because she wanted to wear the dress I bought for Maddie.

Katie cried because she took her own diaper off in the fitting room.

Katie cried because the cashier needed to hold the Minnie Mouse dress in order to scan it.

Maddie cried because Katie was sitting in the shopping cart.

Katie cried because I let Maddie sit in the shopping cart.

Katie cried because I wouldn’t let her play with the ceramic piggy banks on display.

Maddie cried because she wanted to sit on the white bench.

Katie cried because I helped her put on her coat that she can’t put on by herself anyway.

Katie cried because the cashier put the Minnie Mouse dress in the bag.

They were those kids and I was that mom.  You know the ones.  Those kids you hope will leave the store soon.  Those kids that are loud and annoying and ruining your shopping experience.  That mom that you used to silently judge before you became a mom yourself.  That mom with the harsh voice and the fake smile.  That mom who looks tired and cranky.  That mom with those bratty kids who won’t stop crying.  That mom.  Those kids.  That was us.

We got home just in time for bed.  There were more tears because Katie got to use the pink plate, while Maddie had to use the dumb purple plate.  There were bedtime stories and kisses and I love yous and good nights.

I made a late-night phone call to my sister, and she reminded me that I’m not that mom and they are not those kids.  We had a good laugh, and I felt better.

I woke up this morning, feeling like the mom I want to be, the mom I know I am.  Then I woke up those kids.

Those sweet, giggly, loving, adorable kids.

I’m that mom with those kids.


20 thoughts on “Those Kids and That Mom

  1. This is so cute. Mine are more grown up than yours and I miss it, I miss them being little. Even the shopping trips when I could talk through my teeth whilst smiling 🙂 This made me giggle and remember. So lovely. Enjoy those giggly girls. 🙂

  2. Oh Dana, you are not alone, as I’m sure you will hear throughout the day. Sometimes, I am that grandma! When we have those days we need to remember them so that when we see another mom going through it, we don’t judge, we just thank our lucky stars that its not us today….

  3. I loved this. You set the scene at the mall so perfectly I could feel your frustration! We all have bad days – kids included. Good for you for recognizing that yours are not really “those kids.” Enjoy those giggles!

  4. absolutely perfect! Vivid details. Totally relatable. The ending is my favorite, isn’t wonderful to start fresh each day. We are so lucky to have such happy well behaved kids – who don’t hold overnight grudges! 🙂

  5. This is what zooming in on a moment in time is all about! You were probably very frazzled while this was happening, but writing each and every silly moment, like, the continuing saga of the Minnie Mouse dress. So darned funny for you to be able to look back on! Again….children’s picture book….calling your name!

  6. You remind us all that life is not perfect, no matter how much we would like it to be. But it certainly does have it’s lighter side, which is what you show here today. I promise to have a little more understanding of that mom the next time she’s in line with me at the store.

  7. The older your kids get the more you realize any one at any time can become those kids and that mom for a moment. The fact that you notice, reflect and begin again is what keeps things strong Nice post

  8. This is so cute and so true. Sometimes, we are that mom but your writing with its repetition and focus, makes sure we know that you are many other things besides that mom, For a moment, during slice of your life you might have been that mom…..but you are also s loving, caring, mom of wonderful little girls, who you live to pieces, who are sometimes, those kids.

  9. Love “That mom that you used to silently judge before you became a mom yourself.” Indeed, when I remember those thoughts, and then there was that ‘incident’ when my daughter dropped two jars of sauce in the store, looking smugly at me as it happened, then screamed as I took her home without the special ‘anything’ from the store. You are a great mom, and also a great writer-love this, but sympathize too-those moms!

  10. Oh boy do I know this one! I’m that mom in the store at Christmas with the 2 year old throwing a screaming, kicking tantrum. Oh boy do I know this! “That mom you used to silently judge before you became a mom yourself.” Yes Yes Yes

  11. Oh the challenges of parenthood. So fun, so aggravating, so frustrating, so rewarding…so many things. You are doing a fine job, Dana! Again, I appreciate the format.

  12. As a mommy to be to a second beautiful girl after my first was born only 10 months ago, It is nice to know that there will honestly be hard days like this, where it isn’t all rainbows, tea parties, and happy little girls, but you can make it through. I’m terrified. I’m excited. The mix of emotions and anxious anticipation, trying to believe I’ll be able to be the mother I want to be… I’m glad I’m not the only mother in the world doubting herself. Thanks.

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