How to Have a Snow Day {SOLS}

Slice of Life writing is hosted by the Two Writing Teachers.  Join in the fun!

Slice of Life writing is hosted by the Two Writing Teachers. Join in the fun!

Well, today we enjoying our fourth official Snow Day so far this winter.  The Polar Vortex, or whatever it is called, has once again put us in subzero temperatures.  My husband’s construction site is essentially closed down due to the frigid temps, so he is home with us today.  He sure doesn’t know how to have a Snow Day.

Snow Days are turning off alarm clocks and sleeping in.   Late breakfasts and coffee sipped in the bright morning light.   Snow Days are pajamas and sweatshirts.  Messy hair and warm socks.  Snow Days are movies and cartoons.  Board games and books.  Snow days are ring around the rosy and the itsy bitsy spider.  Giggles and hugs.  Snow Days are late lunches and long naps.  Comfort food and crock pot cooking.

Snow Days certainly aren’t early rising and getting dressed.  Not emails and conference calls.  Snow Days are definitely not checklists and things to do.  Fixing broken toilets and shoveling snow.  Snow Days aren’t for catching up and trying to get ahead.  Planning and organizing.  Snow Days are not work time or getting-things-done-time.

The world stands still, and we are frozen in our homes.  It is time to pause… to wait for the world to warm up.

Somebody should tell my husband.


22 thoughts on “How to Have a Snow Day {SOLS}

  1. Yes! Someone needs to get to him quickly! He’s ruining the effect and raising expectations! No, no, no! That is just wrong. Ssssnnnnnoooooooow day = Sssssslllllllloooooooow day!

  2. I like your ways to spend a snow day. When I was working I looked forward to snow days just to do the things you mention. Now that I am retired, every day is a snow day for me. Enjoy your day!

  3. Your post makes me smile. I woke up today’s snow day with a list of things I want to get accomplished. So far, I’ve done none of them. Instead, I made pancakes for my daughter before she headed off to work, played Scrabble on FB with my mother-in-law and wrote my own SOL, and am making comments on others. So glad your husband has you around to keep him straight. 🙂 Enjoy your day.

  4. Your post is like a poem! Believe it or not, I am also having a snow day deep down on the Gulf Coast. Crazy, huh? Waiting for snow and sipping coffee and reading Slices!

  5. Hahaha! I love this. I love this as I sit in my pajamas at 1:06 in the afternoon, feeling slightly that I should be doing something more productive than blogging, reading blogs, and thinking about what I’m going to read this afternoon. You just gave me joyful permission to stay in my pjs doing what I’m doing. MAYBE I’ll get to the huge stack of papers I should be grading right now. 😉

  6. It’s a day for artful compromise. Everyone could “choose” one item on a personal list that is helpful for the entire family or one specific family member. After those kindness chores, off to fun! Enjoy your snow day!

  7. My husband is exactly like that! To him, a snow day means he can catch up on things he didn’t know he needed to do. It’s impossible for him to sit around in pjs, the world will stop if he doesn’t shower first thing in the morning, and unless football is on he isn’t able to sit still and watch anything. Maybe that’s why he trudges to work, no matter the weather and doesn’t complain about it. Me? I’ll take the “snow day slow day” any time.

  8. Loved your ending — you made me laugh! Although… I might have to admit that I am your husband! It is imporant to have one person in every relationship to slow down and relax!
    Thanks Clare

  9. After hearing that so many are having snow days, I’m beginning to be a little envious. Maybe later in the winter… I hope your husband heard your pleas, and reconsidered at least not fixing something!

  10. This was fun to read, Dana. When I woke up this morning I thought I should do something constructive with this day, but I like the way you think of a snow day. I think I’ll reconsider my plan and stay right here with my coffee.

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