{Reflect} Five Minute Friday

I’m joining Five Minute Friday today by writing off one word for five minutes, unedited.  You can join us at Lisa Jo Baker’s site by clicking here.



To reflect means more than to remember.  Reflection is to look back at ourselves and see, maybe, something greater than what it is the picture in front of us.

I encourage teachers to reflect all the time.  To me, being reflective is the most important quality that distinguishes the good from the great.  Reflection means growth.

I encourage my daughters to reflect, too.  In a simpler way.  Was that a nice thing to say?  Did you use your words?  Here, too, reflection is growth.

But do I reflect?  Probably not as much as I should.

I’ll start simple.  Was that a nice thing to say?  To my  mom, to my husband, to my friend.  Did my words come from a place of love?  No, not lately, they haven’t.  Lately, my words are like venom.

Am I being the best me that I possibly can?  No, not lately.  I’m being a victim, I’m being sadness, I’m being angry.  This self that reflects back at me is not me.  I don’t like what I see.

The quality I preach to others – to teachers, to my kids – is a quality I haven’t possessed lately.


Ugh.  This Five Minute Friday was hard for me.  I was hoping this piece would take shape for me as I started writing, that it would show itself once I began, but it didn’t.  There is something in here, somewhere, but I think I’d have to keep writing to find it.


One thought on “{Reflect} Five Minute Friday

  1. Good Morning, Dana! I understand the struggle – isn’t that the battle,though – to recognize, feel it and battle it? The battle is part of the war – and sometimes it’s lots of battles. I used to beat myself up for falling into the same struggles you express. As a matter of fact, I’m feeling like you’re feeling now. Can you imagine,though, the example to our children if we always put on the perfect face, said the perfect thing – and never showed the struggle – never showed behavior that took us to the Mercy Seat? Our children would never know the path, would never know the way to get there. I think that’s where grace comes in. God covers us with grace – because He knows we’re going to have seasons we struggle – and that means stop beating up on yourself. Show your children you aren’t giving up. Ask forgiveness. Explain that when they miss it – there’s a path fo God. Wishing you blessing today. Wishing you rest from the battle – a little refreshing – and celebration that God isn’t surprised. He has the plan!

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