Imaginary Mike

Recently, our four year old daughter, Maddie, invented an imaginary friend.  His name is Mike, and he is a small, green monster.  Here they are together:


Maddie and Mike

Maddie talks to him and plays with him and holds his hand.  We have to wait for him.  A lot.  Seems Mike is a pokey little guy.  Mike is becoming a bit of an inconvenience to me and my husband.  We have to make room for him in the tub and in the car and in the shopping cart.  Instead of two of everything, we now need three.  Mike needs a plate and a hat and a pillow.  Mike is a pain.

Sometimes, Mike is scared of the dark.  At other times, he needs imaginary medicine.  He took his seat belt off in the car the other day, apparently, which caused quite a ruckus while I was driving.  Mike gets cold at night and needs to be covered with the blanket extra tight.  He likes to sit next to Maddie on the couch, and sometimes he shares her milk.  He doesn’t like certain Christmas songs, but he does like our Christmas tree.  Mike is everywhere.

The other night at dinner, Maddie was so busy talking to and about Mike that she wasn’t eating.   The rest of us finished our dinner, and the kitchen was almost cleaned up, yet Maddie wasn’t even halfway through her meal.  Mike this and Mike that.  My husband was losing his patience (which rarely happens.)  “That’s it, Maddie,” I heard him tell her.  “If you don’t start eating, Mike is going to have to leave!”  (I can’t even type that without laughing.  Funniest. Consequence. Ever.)

At any rate, I sure hope Maddie’s little green friend moves on to another child soon.  He has just about over-stayed his welcome at the Murphy house.   I hope the door doesn’t hit him in his imaginary butt…

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See More Slices at Two Writing Teachers


18 thoughts on “Imaginary Mike

    • Oooh, thanks for that bit of research! Although I know in my heart that it’s good for her and promotes imagination and creativity and all that…. there are times I think she’s really lost her mind. Ha! Thanks for sending this my way!

  1. Dana,
    I love little Mike. He could actually become your best friend. If you start talking to Mike too, Mike can help you get Maddie to clean her room. She can even teach him how to tie his shoelaces and talk to him about being kind.

    Maybe she can draw a picture of Mike. Or ask her where he is from? Does he miss his mommy and daddy? Does he have brothers and sisters? What about the rest of the story? Maybe she will grow up to be a children’s author, or a kind mommy like you, who listens to her and takes care of little Mike.

    My toys are coming alive this month. Last night they toilet-papered my writing desk. Who wants to grow up? Maybe I need a little green monster too.

  2. All moms and dads reading this who have ever lived with imaginary friends are laughing out loud as they read! Thanks for writing about your visitor so vividly and making us smile!

  3. As Anita said, be careful about where you are in relationship to this little monster, things could get bad. I am amazed at the fascination with monsters, as my 4 year old granddaughter is too. She also likes to know all about skeletons. You wrote this beautifully & I hope you do a follow-up for us!

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