{Nerdlution} Fine, I’ll Do It!


Ok, ok, geez, I’ll do it.

In case you haven’t heard, there is a #nerdlution forming.  A bunch of nerds, er, I mean people, are committing to do something that makes them happy and to do it consistently (as consistently as possible) for 50 days.  For any FAQs, you can click here.

Anyway, here’s the thing.  I’m busy lately.  I mean there is work and blogging for TWT and Maddie and Kate and hubby and life and the ever-lovin’ holidays are coming!  Do I have time for one more thing??


But I DO have time for happiness.  Do you know what makes me happy?  Reading.  And writing.  Do you know what pushes me to be smarter and better at my job?  Reading.  And writing.

So, my “nerdlution is…

I will read OR write every day for 30 consecutive minutes.  One or the other.  Every damn day.



6 thoughts on “{Nerdlution} Fine, I’ll Do It!

  1. Welcome Dana! I love your honest reluctance and your eventual surrender to the #nerdlution. My favorite part is your reason: “But I DO have time for happiness. Do you know what makes me happy? Reading. And writing.” Yes! You DO have time for happiness. So glad you’re joining in!

  2. Dana
    Glad you are in the mix, and just so you know (sound the bell!), you are the first blog that I am commenting on for my own #nerdlution (50 comments on 50 blogs over 50 days). Like you, the deep dive into reading and writing makes me happy and fulfilled, but finding time — quality time — with work and family and, well, life … that’s a difficult juggle. I use early morning for my own writing and blogging, before the kids get up and my teacher/brain gets securely in place with lesson plans and deadlines looming. When do you get time to read and write?
    Thanks for being the first blog I came to this morning.
    PS — I love seeing Slice of Life/TWT connections across communities.

    • Kevin, I never responded to this comment on here because I actually responded on Twitter instead. But now that I see you are backtracking, I hopped back over here to comment!! Ha!
      Yours was my favorite Nerdlution. (I failed miserably at mine, btw. Miserably.) I’m curious what your final take-aways from 50 days of commenting are? Did you meet some new people? Learn some new things? Find some new communities?

      I love reading blogs, but it’s so hard for me cuz one click leads to another and to another, and before you know it, it’s midnight!

  3. Love the acknowledgement that it’s okay to make yourself happy – we don’t do this enough. I’m trying to get up early enough to knit, and pray, and be quiet. That usually leads to a gentle reading of a blog or two after my dedicated time. See if I can keep that going for 50 days – wow!

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