{SOLS} Clean Plate Club

See More Slices at Two Writing Teachers

See More Slices at Two Writing Teachers

My Maddie is an extremely picky eater.  Extremely.  We have tried various forms of nudging, insistence, bribery, and begging to get her to try different foods.  This is how the Clean Plate Club was born.

In the Murphy house, if you finish everything on your plate (including your vegetables), you become a member of the Clean Plate Club.  It goes a little something like this:

Mommy stands on a chair and pretends to be yelling into a bullhorn.  “Ladies and gentlemen!!  Can I have your attention please? I have an important announcement to make!  Attention please!  We have a member of the Clean Plate Club!  Her name is….”

Daddy does a dramatic drum roll on the table.

“Maaaaaaaaadddie Muuuuuuuuurphy!”

Mommy and Daddy yell and clap and cheer loudly.  Sometimes Mommy skips circles around the kitchen and does a silly dance.  Maddie beams.

It’s a BIG deal.

Of course, one-year old Katie delights in the spectacle, and sometimes she claps along with us.

Imagine our surprise the other night when the fanfare subsided, and we heard Katie say, “Tay-tee.”  As I turned to acknowledge her, I said, “Oh, Katie, too?”

She had taken all the food off her plate and set it on the table.  She was sitting next to the pile of uneaten green beans and macaroni and cheese, holding her “clean” plate out for us to see, waiting for her announcement and dance.  “Tay-tee too.”

Well, technically….


11 thoughts on “{SOLS} Clean Plate Club

  1. Cute! We ate by candlelight tonight to change someone’s poopy mood (mine. and it worked). The dinner table is such a pivotal place. Or CAN be a pivotal place! Important for sure. Kudos to you and your husband for making it fun–at least most of the time!

  2. So cute! We have the clean plate club at our house too only no fanfare involved. That is a very special treat you offer! How special that Katie wanted to join in too! Who wouldn’t want to be in the clean plate club? 🙂 Oh, the tricks parents will go to…

  3. This might be one of the cutest sols I’ve read in a long time. I just LOVE this story about what happened with Katie. (The back story really set us up for what was to come.) SO typical of a 1.5 y.o., isn’t it?

    BTW: I am glad I’m not the only one who does silly dances. I’m all about being goofy if I can get a laugh (and compliance).

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