In recognition of NCTE’s National Day on Writing, I’m blogging about this year’s theme of “#write2connect”.
Blog about how you write to connect, and link up at Read, Write, Reflect

Your words, they are my lifeline.  Your words surround me when I feel isolated and stuck.  When I can’t, for the life of me, find a good mentor text, I turn to your words.  When I am feeling uninspired and lonely as a teacher, I turn to your words.  You, all of you in this virtual community of teachers.  You are my lifeline.

My words, they are my lifeline, too.  My words fly from my fingertips through blogs and tweets and statuses.  An entire community of teachers surrounds me in my work, even though I walk the halls alone.

I write to connect to other teachers of writing.  Teaching can be a lonely profession.  On the Two Writing Teachers, I write to find inspiration, to offer inspiration, and to connect to a world of writers.  It is here that we talk about minilessons and conferring and writer’s notebooks and mentor texts and the joy and the frustration of writing.  I write on this blog so that teachers of writing will surround me in my work and, together, we will teach young writers.

I also write to document the small moments of my life.  Through sharing my Slices of Life, I have connected with others in ways I didn’t know possible.  It is through my own words and through the words of others that I have become a better mother, a better sister, a better daughter.  Tracy’s post, Tell Her, forever changed the way I talk to my daughters.  Forever.  Her words changed me as a parent.  My own post, The Other Sister, brought both my sister and I to tears and documented in words the love that we have for each other.   Carrie’s post, Waving Goodbye, hurt my heart as a daughter.  That image of the bird seed in the garage has never left me.  Her post reminded me that we all grow old.  Even my own beloved mom.  I write, I slice, every week to connect to others in the most powerful way… through our stories.

I write to be a part of something bigger than myself.  To surround myself with like-minded educators and friends.  To come to myself and others through our stories.   I write to connect.

3 thoughts on “Connections

  1. This community of writing teachers is just amazing. I love the image of being surrounded during the day by these teachers. So true. Also I have posted my list of Mock Newbury Club books that you asked about on my post.

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