Mommy-Colleagues {Celebrate!}

celebrate link up

Today, I’m joining in the Celebrate link up over at Discover.Play.Build.   Do you have a reason to celebrate today?  Join us.

This week, I’m celebrating the women I work with that somehow manage to be dedicated teachers by day and devoted mommies by night.  I’ve struggled with this balance in my own life, and I know they struggle at times, too.  It can be a tug to love your job and love your kids at the same time.

So, while we’re at work, we lean on each other.  We bring each other coffee.  We listen with the most sympathetic nods to tales of ear infections and sleepless nights.  We bring in our own children’s outgrown clothes and clothes that were never worn and pass them on to each other.  We lend and borrow.   We lean.

In my office, I have a copy of this poster which speaks to ways we can foster a love of reading in children.  It’s in my office at work because it’s important that our primary students are exposed to books at home.   As it hangs in my office, it’s surrounded by photos of our very own children reading books.  There you’ll see my own Katie and Maddie, as well as the adorable faces of some of my colleague’s children. Because when we leave here at the end of the day, we go home and foster a love of reading in our kids.  It is a way to celebrate my mommy-friends.


Yesterday, I put a copy of The Tired Mother’s Creed in all of my mommy-colleagues’ mailboxes at work.  Because I know it’s hard and they are tired and there is guilt and never enough time and I think they. are. amazing.

Amazing colleagues.  Amazing mommies.  Amazing friends.

Today, I celebrate my mommy-colleagues.  Jill, Shanna, Tracy, Aimee, Crystal, Kristin, Trisha, Michelle, Brittany, Erin….. I celebrate you.


11 thoughts on “Mommy-Colleagues {Celebrate!}

  1. I don’t see how you young mothers do it. I was very blessed to be able to stay at home while my children were young. I work with many young mothers and I constantly amazed at what they do! I applaud you. I know it’s not easy. Here’s to celebrating moms with you!

  2. I’m in constant awe of mothers who teach with young children at home. Dedicated teachers & devoted mommies – our buildings are filled with these incredible women! Hugs to all of you!

  3. Oh my goodness! I am going to start this in our English staff room. In my department of seven teachers, six of us have children under the age of six…and more are on the way! What a great way to celebrate who we are as teachers AND mothers.

  4. I will share your poster & that creed especially with my daughter, working full time with a very helpful husband, but they’re still so busy, and even when I help, I see that they’re still busy! How great to celebrate your colleagues, and how lucky that you have them. (‘We lean.”) I feel blessed with supportive colleagues too & wish everyone had that wealth.

  5. Oh my gosh! I love the Tired Mothers’ Creed. I am at the blink and they are in college stage right now and I miss my guys so, so, so much! And how great that you can support each other!

  6. It’s good not to be alone, to know that here are others who understand what you are going through. Supporting each other is a big thing in life. Great celebration.

  7. You know I love this part of your office! Thanks for the shout-out! I needed to hear it today. Thanks for the support; you’re always there in more than one way and it’s so appreciated. The full-time working teacher-mommy needs to be spotlighted and respected for sure.

    I LOVE the “I lean” line. That is what we do. 🙂 I’m going to finishing teaching today, then commenting and grading and planning with colleagues, then go home and work on letter “G” homework with my preschool kiddo.

  8. This is great and so very true! I don’t know how we do what we do. We are strong women and need to be celebrated! Ever since I had Blake I always say, now I know why there is a Mother’s Day.

  9. Dana, I love that I get to lean on you. I appreciate you letting me lean and I will forever let you lean. And Tep will always have paper towels in the ottoman if you have a bad daycare drop off. And I will always have chocolate.

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