Making the Most of It

Before I went to bed Sunday evening, I penned a To Do list for Monday.  I wanted to “make the most” of my day off from work.

  • grocery shop
  • ballet stuff at Target
  • sort through clothes bins
  • pick up tickets from park district
  • return library books
  • audiobook?
  • plan for CCSS meeting
  • write blog post
  • pay bills

The list went on.

Eh.  I put the list under the pile of unpaid bills and texted my sister.  “Want some coffee and company tomorrow?”

Maddie, Kate, and I spent the day at my sister’s house.  The girls played with the My Little Pony toys that my sister keeps just for them in the basement.  Maddie watched two Disney movies with her older and very cool cousin, Brian (who, it turns out, can also juggle and draw Clifford pictures!)  We asked Katie numerous times, “What color is this?” while holding up random objects, just so we could hear her say “puh puh” (purple) every time.  We played beauty salon.  We colored.  We had lunch.  Kate took a three hour nap.  We had coffee and homemade pumpkin bundt cake.

I got to talk to my sister about anything and everything.  

I sure did make the most of my day off.

When I came home, I uncovered my To Do list from under the pile of bills.  Target and the clothes bins will still be there tomorrow.

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See More Slices at Two Writing Teachers





10 thoughts on “Making the Most of It

  1. I am a list maker as well. It feels so good to cross items off the list and feel like there is a plan; however, sometimes it feels even better to choose time with family and realize that other things can wait.

  2. My face broke into a smile with the line, “Maddie, Kate, and I spent the day at my sister’s house.” Sounds PERFECT. The to-do list will always be there….

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