{Celebrate} 5 things

celebrate link up

Ruth Ayres is encouraging everyone to CELEBRATE on Saturdays through a link-up on her blog.  

Here are 5 things I’m celebrating this week:

1.  My Katie is talking more and more.  I’ve been keeping a close eye (or ear?) on her ever since the pediatrician asked me about her speech development.  Today alone she said “Tigger” and “cupcake” and “more” and “dumb dumb” (she may have heard her sister say that…. oops).

2.  After a student wrote a Slice of Life Story about the night her cousin died, another student wrote, “I think you’re brave to write something so sad and personal.”  I see evidence of a community of writers being built, and I love it.

3.  I’m celebrating the weather this weekend.  I love fall weather, and it will be perfect for our family trip to the pumpkin patch tomorrow!  We are in some desperate need of some family time, and I can’t wait.

4.  I started feeding my reading habit again.  For over a year, I have not been able to find nearly enough time to read.  I finally finished a professional book on assessment, and I started The Center of Everything.   I set up my account on Goodreads, and I’m ready to once again do the thing I most love doing.

5.  New babies.  Two of my very good friends gave birth in the past 2 weeks, and I was able to go visit each of their new bundles of joy.  There is just nothing in the world like holding a newborn baby.  I’m so, so happy for my friends and I’m already so in love with Lily and Nolan.



7 thoughts on “{Celebrate} 5 things

  1. Feeding your reading habit – a great reason to celebrate! I read The Center of Everything this summer and loved it. Currently loving an adult read, The End of Your Life Book Club.

  2. What a GREAT list! I was particularly drawn to your reading celebration. It’s only been since May that I reconnected to my reading self. I still find it hard to carve out enough time to read they way I’d like to, but I celebrate each page that I am able to finish reading. Congrats on finishing your professional read and picking up Center of Everything. It’s on my to be read list. Looking forward to celebrating with you next week! :o)

  3. Fabulous five reasons to celebrate. I like how you picked them from different categories – your daughter, school, friends, yourself and family time in good wetaher.

  4. Great celebrations. We went to get pumpkins yesterday and are doing our apple picking today. I see lots of applesauce in my future. Glad you joined in and shared.

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