{Ordinary} Five Minute Friday

I recently discovered this fun writing challenge: Five Minute Friday.   Write off a word for five minutes, post, share, and comment!  Please join in the fun!


This is my ordinary life.  You may not think it’s extraordinary, the things I do.  It’s typical.  Work, eat, clean, be a wife, be a mom.  Sure, it’s ordinary.  But there are extraordinary moments.

I think everyone should have the gift of spending time with my Kate.  Her giggle.  The way she knows she’s cute at the age of 1 1/2.  She is extraordinary.

And Maddie.  If you just give her a glance, she appears to be an ordinary kid.  But she’s far from ordinary.  Maddie is sweet down to her very soul.  She just so kind.  And she’s only four!  She has the sweetest soul I’ve ever known on a person of any age.  Sweet, sweet, sweet. And clever!  Oh, my heavens, does that girl make me laugh.   Not ordinary at all.

I do ordinary things.  But each day – each and every single day – is filled with moments that go beyond the ordinary.   That make me remember that this is no ordinary life.  That I have been blessed.  Simply Blessed.

This is my ordinary life.



5 thoughts on “{Ordinary} Five Minute Friday

  1. Stopping by from Five Minute Friday. What a lovely peek into your “ordinary” life and the extraordinary blessings and moments God has given and gives. He is so good.

  2. “I do ordinary things.” I’m not sure why this line strikes me like it does and seems to hold so much weight. I’m jotting it in my notebook and am going to tug at it a little more. I’m glad to see you are joining the #fmf community too. I think it’s a fun challenge.

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