Last Day/First Day

Yesterday was my last official day of work for the 2012-2013 school year.  The work day lasted one hour.  

I skipped out of the building and went out to breakfast with two good friends.  We ate and laughed and ate and made summer plans and ate.  I felt good.  

I came home and hugged my daughters.  After lunch, we headed up to the local library to sign up for the summer reading program and get some books.  We came home and spilled our books on to the living floor and read and read and read.  I felt better.

After they had dinner, I loaded the girls into my new bike trailer and peddled them around town.  Kate “read” a book (she’s only 1) and then watched the scenery and practiced saying “hi” to everyone we passed.  Maddie fell asleep.  When we got home, we found Daddy waiting for us and stayed outside to soak up the last few minutes of daylight and nice weather.  I felt content.  

My husband grilled a late-night dinner for the two of us while the girls played at our feet.  I felt satisfied.

After more books and laughter and lots of cuddles, I put the girls to bed.  I sat down and, for the first time since September, I smiled a genuine smile, thanked God for my blessings, and breathed easy.  

Summer. Is. Here.  


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