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Challenging school year
Leaving feeling frustrated and disappointed.  

Longing for

popsicles     bike rides     dinner on the grill     picnics     stroller walks     after-dinner ice cream at Premos     pools     play dates     Summer Shandy     boat trips     vacation at a lake house     iced coffee     air conditioning     sunshine     soccer lessons     swim class     first words     beer gardens     good books and time to read     Legoland     tank tops and shorts     ponytails     sleeping with the windows open     family parties     breathing easier     friends     laughter     wide open schedules     summer reading program at the library     new recipes     sidewalk chalk   flip flops & pedicures     lightning bugs     sleeping in       

Time with Maddie and Kate.  Lots and lots of time.  

I’ll take the hot weather, 
the sweat,
the skinned knees,
the can’t-go-anywhere-without-sunscreen,  
the Kate-really-needs-another-nap days.

 I’ll take ’em.  


7 thoughts on “Summer

  1. I remember having a couple of years that were frustrating and not ending with the feeling of accomplishing what I wanted. I hope next year is a better one for you. Loved your words about summer….and glad that you will have time to be with Maddie and Kate…and enjoy the summer. Another thing good about summer…it allows you to rest up for another year. Jackie

  2. Although I am currently experiencing the.. aw-I’m-so-sad-to-leave-my-kids.. and the, :(-I-know-it’ll-be-so-different-next-time-I-see-em’s…:) You seriously have gotten me excited for the sunshine days.

  3. That’s one thing I really like about this job- we get to start over each year. I hope the summer brings you lots of relaxation and the end of next school year you feel tons of accomplishment!

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