Love in Aisle #3


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My husband works really long hours.  He leaves for work in the morning darkness, long before the kids wake up to start their day.  He usually comes home long after dinner has been served, eaten, and cleaned up.  Most nights, he’s home just in time for a few hugs and giggles and a kiss good night.

Last Friday evening, I sent him a text:  Phone dying.  Leaving now to go grocery shopping.  I didn’t want him to come home to an empty house, wondering where we were.

He was coming off five straight days of 14+ shifts.  I’m sure he was exhausted, hungry, and wanting nothing more than to kick off his work boots and relax.  I’m sure the thought of a quiet, empty house was appealing.  But he didn’t go home…

Because when I made the turn into Aisle #3, I heard my oldest daughter scream with glee, “Daddy!!”.  And there he was.  Exhausted, hungry, and in his work boots.  He chose to come to the grocery store when he could have gone home.  He chose to spend some extra time with his daughters and help his tired wife.  He chose us.

Such a simple act of kindness, isn’t it?

There, in Aisle #3 among the vegetables and rice, I saw my husband and was reminded of why I’ve loved him for so many years.


12 thoughts on “Love in Aisle #3

  1. Dana, Dana, Dana. Jerome, Jerome, Jerome. I love aisle 3. He didn’t need to meet you there but I sure am glad that he did. Such a simple act of love but it meant so much. Love your storytelling. Another favorite!

  2. What a sweet story!! This is among the greatest thing I’ve read lately. I hope your daughters find men like their daddy. 🙂

  3. I love this Dana. I completely agree with AJF (@Anitaferreri)’s comment. Those seemingly, “little,” acts of kindness speak volumes, and flood the heart. I could just see your husband in his work boots and imagine the looks on both your faces as your eyes met. Aw Seriously. I absolutely love this.

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