What Did You Do at Work Today, Mommy?

What did you do at work today, Mommy?

Every now and again, my three-year old daughter will ask me this question.  She knows I’m a teacher, so I usually say “I read some books to my students” or “I taught some kids how to write.”  I don’t know why, but today I answered more truthfully…

I was in a meeting all day, Maddie.
What’s a meeting, Mommy?
It’s when a bunch of teachers sit at a table and talk.
What did you say, Mommy?
I said it’s when a bunch of teachers sit at a table and talk.
No, Mommy.  At the meeting.  What did you say?
We just decided stuff, Maddie.
What does “beside stuff” mean, Mommy?

(And this is when I knew this conversation was never going to end.)

DEcide, Maddie.  It means we think about things.
What did you think about today?
A lot of things.  It was a long meeting.
Oh.  (long pause………………..)  What things, Mommy?
(Sigh.)  We thought about what color crayons we should use, Maddie.
And paper, Mommy?
Yes, Maddie, and paper, too.
Did you beside what table to use?

Yes, Maddie?
Next week, when I’m a teacher, I’m going to have a meeting so I can beside stuff, too.
Ok, Maddie.



6 thoughts on “What Did You Do at Work Today, Mommy?

  1. It is so true that kids do ask the same questions and we respond differently. I notice myself doing this too. Some days you feel like saying more and some days you just want to have a few moments of quiet. That’s probably why they continue to ask the same questions. I can picture this exchange between you and Maddie.

  2. I have a friend who wrote one memory for each day of her daughter’s first five years. I thought it was brilliant, and now that she’s a senior, I’m sure she’s appreciating having made the effort. Your post reminds me of this. So sweet : )

  3. Love!! I remember how hard I tried to picture what in the world my mommy and daddy did at work all day! Well-crafted, enjoyable read.

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