Yesterday and Next Week

My oldest daughter (age 3) has no concept of time.  Everything that’s already happened was yesterday.  Everything.  Christmas?  It was yesterday.  So was a fun visit with her cousin and the St. Patrick’s Day party at school and her October birthday.  She recounts her one-year old sister’s day of birth this way: Mommy, ‘member yesterday when I came to the hospital to find you and you had baby Kate?  Yes, Maddie, I remember.  

And anything that is going to happen in the future will happen next week.  Easter is next week and so is summer and her next birthday and Christmas (even though Christmas was also yesterday).  Mommy, next week when it’s Christmas, will Santa come again?  Yes, Maddie, he’ll come again.    

This is so endearing to me.  I want to remember it forever.

Which is next week.  🙂





12 thoughts on “Yesterday and Next Week

  1. Time is an enigma. We’re all in the same time theoretically wedged between a second ago and the next second but really… The relativity of it is also puzzling. And memorable. So glad you captured this.

  2. I love how patient you are with Maddie. You know she doesn’t have to understand the concept of time right now and you just let her be her. Great ending – “remember it forever….which is next week”. Love how that ties it all up!

  3. That IS adorable. And now you will remember it forever since you wrote it down. Maybe you have to do a podcast of her talking about things that were yesterday and next week. (Sound Cloud perhaps?)

  4. Your posts about your family make me smile! You noticing and wanting to remember forever (which is next week) is so sweet! I agree with Stacey that you should record it on sound cloud!

  5. Dana, I replied to this hours ago and for some reason my comment would not post so I’m annoyed that you didn’t get to read my love for this post sooner. I love Maddie. I wanted to write about all of my favorite sayings from Ev because the things she says are priceless and I don’t ever want to forget them. Maddie will enjoy reading this when she is older. She will like to read about how sweet you are and how you went along with her notion of time. I bet you will remember this forever, at least until next week. 🙂

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