I Eat My Feelings


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I eat my feelings.  I’m a feelings-eater.

If you’re looking for me on a weekend afternoon, you may find me standing in my pantry…. grazing.  A couple of chips.  Half of a granola bar.  Some pistachios.  I’m eating my boredom.

The night before a big presentation for work, you’ll find me preparing at my kitchen table, most likely surrounded by some form of chocolate.  I’m eating my nervousness.

Summertime is a hard one for me.  No agenda except to play with my kids.  Hopscotch and swings and planting and bikes and chalk and bubbles and long walks.  And lots and lots of snacks.  I’m eating my happiness.

All of my feeling-eating is a contradiction to my Weight Watchers plan.  So, when I found myself home alone for the day, and started feeling bored and restless and lonely…. I decided I would NOT eat my feelings.  

I shopped them instead.  🙂  (Ssshh…. don’t tell my husband.)



16 thoughts on “I Eat My Feelings

  1. This is magical. It reads like a poem. Was it meant to be a poem? It’s brilliant, regardless. We’re the exact opposite, actually. I shop my feelings. I think your way is better for the family pocketbook, eh? ;p


    P.S. I actually invoke Murphy’s Law a couple times in my blog this week. Coincidence?

  2. Nothing beats a Godiva truffle like a few online buys, or a trip to the mall! I LOVE being alone. Crank up Bob Seeger and read for a bit without feeling guilty. Yahoo.

  3. A surprise ending! Love it!!! This slice is oh so clever and I often find myself doing these same things. I’m just hungry! An illegal feeling according to Billy’s diet plan for me 🙂

  4. Dana.. You are super clever 🙂 .. I don’t know how to articulate just this so forgive me if it comes out weird- but all of your writing is so honest, and clean-cut. I almost want to say dry, but not in a sour way.. in a unique way.. dry humor, subtle voice.. honest. I just love it. I’m not much of a feelings-eater… but I can relate in some ways and regardless, I was with you in your pantry and in your nervousness and in your happiness. So relatable and vivid.

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