She’s the Pope


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When we heard that white smoke had started billowing from the Sistine Chapel, we clicked on the TV to watch the announcement of the new Pope.

“What is it, Mommy?”, asked Maddie.
(Hmmm. How do I answer her?  It’s nothing?  It’s the announcement of the Pope?  It’s just a TV show?  None of your business?  I opted for honesty.)
“We’re waiting to see the new Pope,” I answered.
“Why, Mommy?”
“Because it’s a surprise.  We don’t know who it is.  He’s going to come out on that balcony there.”
“What will he do, Mommy?”
“I don’t know, Maddie.  He’ll probably wave.”
“Mommy?  Can I be pretend that I’m the new Pope?”
Sigh.  “Sure, Maddie.”

Which is why, if you come to my house, you may see Maddie sneak into her yellow and purple ladybug tent.  She’ll yell out, “Say it, Mommy!”.  That’s my cue to say, “That new Pope sure is taking a long time” and then she’ll come out waving.  She’s being the Pope.

If you stick around a few more minutes, you’ll likely see her baby sister waddle out of the tent after her, chubby arms waving.  I guess she’s being the Pope, too.

You’ll find my husband and I on the couch, laughing our heads off.


14 thoughts on “She’s the Pope

  1. This is hysterical! Love the dialogue, especially your inner dialogue!!! Love the storytelling. My fave is how you invited the reader into your house to see what’s happening! So creative and very funny.

  2. As a mom if a three year old and a one year old, I can picture is perfectly – from the conversation asking why to the reenactment over and over again to the baby sister! Thank you for writing a piece that was so easy to identify with and that reminds us that these are the moments to cherish!

  3. What a great story! And perfectly told! You have to, have to, have to print this one out and save it in memory books, so your girls can remember, forever, when they were the pope!

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