Don’t Pick Up the Baby

Hosted by Two Writing Teachers

Hosted by Two Writing Teachers

I’m under doctor’s orders while recovering from a medical procedure: get plenty of rest, feet up, and no lifting.

“No lifting?  Doctor, I have a 1 year old baby at home.” I argued.

“You’ll have to find some help,” the doctor insisted.  “No lifting the baby for 6 weeks.”

It goes against the natural order of things.

Katie loves to toddle over to me for a kiss.  She starts getting her lips ready about six feet away.  Toddle, toddle, toddle…. lips out, eyes closed… toddle, toddle…. pffffftttttttt.  Big wet one comin’ my way.  How can I NOT pick her up?

Katie’s favorite thing to do is to read books.  I mean, she Loves books, with a capital L.  She’ll waddle over to her book basket, find a book, waddle back, and PLOP into my lap for a story.  How can I NOT let her plop??

When I sneak into Katie’s room in the morning, she sits up in her crib with a smile, arms outstretched, ready to be lifted out of her crib.  It’s one of my favorite parts of the day, that first cuddle when I can inhale her scent and feel her chubby body against mine.  How can I NOT start our mornings with a hug?

Katiebug is curious.  Sometimes, she walks over to wherever I’m standing and holds on to my legs, pulling and babbling until I pick her up.  Seems that she just needs a different perspective on the world.  Sometimes she points her little finger and I start to name the world for her.  “That’s a cup, Katie.  Cup.”  How can I NOT hold her up and name the world for her?

Katie and I have an understanding at night. I hold her, and we say night-night to Daddy and Maddie.  We blow kisses and wave, and then the 2 of us head upstairs for books and bed.  I change her diaper one last time and remind her how very much I love her with a tickle and some tummy kisses.  I hold her in my lap as we read a few books.  Lights out, music on, and then we usually cuddle a few  more minutes before she points to her crib.  “Night night, Katie.  Sweet dreams.”  It’s our time, our ritual.

I have help.  I have a husband, a mom, and 2 sisters.  They’re here and they’re helping.  But they’re not me, and Katie needs her mommy.

Truth be told, Katie seems just fine.  I think it may be the other way around.  Sigh.


12 thoughts on “Don’t Pick Up the Baby

  1. Shortly after my youngest was born, I was in the same position. I only had to avoid lifting for about two weeks but it is certainly difficult when you want so much to snuggle your baby. Hopefully your helpers will keep your little sweetie happy and maybe you can still sneak in a snuggle on the couch together.

  2. Katie will be fine because she has so many ppl who love her. That said, I can imagine how hard this will be for you. My daughter is two and I can’t imagine not picking her up. I hope these 6 weeks go quickly for you.

  3. Oh, those silly doctors… that’s what I am sure you thought. 🙂 I would have a terrible time with that! Take those cuddles sitting down. They’ll help you take care of you.

  4. Dana, it is not just the other way around. Katie needs mommy. She does. She is just handling it really well for you so you feel better. I love your repetition. So effective in this piece. I love your questioning. I also love that you have already decided that six weeks in nonsense and you plan to let her plop, lift her from the crib, hold her and name the world, and complete your regular bedtime routine in about two weeks. Sounds totally Dana of you. I love it! Get better please. I miss you like crazy at work. xo

  5. “She starts getting her lips ready about six feet away. “… Seriously? This is the sweetest thing and I can picture her little pout perfectly. Secondly- ohh. The morning “pick up” was my absolute Favorite time as well. I am so sorry you can not be the one who greets her at her crib and lifts her out.. This is so beautifully written and I feel your pain.. And I think you will both feel the loss of your rituals.. but there is solace in the fact that it is temporary. Hang in there. In the meantime…why not create some new Mommy-friendly rituals?? It’s cliche and slightly nerdy….haha.. but make some lemonade out of the lemons! 🙂

  6. So to heal your body you have to break your heart. That’s a tough one! Love the picture of getting her lips ready six feet away!

  7. Very nicely written! I’m sorry you can’t do those things with her now but it will get better and at least you are still with her at home. This is a good learning opportunity for her to learn when you’re sick she can take care of you haha!

  8. I love how you put in bold words that Katie Needs Her Mommy. She does and she will have you 🙂 I know it’s not the same without picking her up, but just your love for one another will get you both through this!!!

  9. I remember a time when I was unable to pick up my daughter due to medical advice and I do believe, looking back, it was more traumatic for me than her! Hope you heal quickly and get back to your routine!

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