Hurry Up, Maddie

I’m always rushing my daughter, Maddie.   (come on, maddie, out the door.  let’s go, maddie, get your shoes.  ok, maddie, flush and wash.  hurry up, maddie, time to go.  move it, sister, we gotta go!)

I’m trying to so hard to stop rushing the poor thing all the time.

This morning, we didn’t rush. We talked about how Maddie ‘yikes’ wearing ‘geen’ for ‘Patrick Day’.  We talked about how to wake up her baby sister in a quieter, gentler way.  We talked about the Knot Fairy who comes at night and messes up Maddie’s hair.  We cried (again) over the butterfly balloon from yesterday’s party that popped a wing.  We practiced putting on our own shoes.  We laughed at Katie who was eating the shoes.  And when we walked outside and saw wet sidewalks and no snow, we gasped and talked about where all the snow went.  And we lamented the death of our dear Frosty.

I was late for work today.  It was so worth it.

Hosted by Two Writing Teachers

Hosted by Two Writing Teachers


16 thoughts on “Hurry Up, Maddie

  1. Dana. Yes! In the daily hustle and grind more than often lose sight of those small conversations that mean so much. SO MUCH. It’s beyond precious how you documented the details here. It doesn’t get much cuter than “the Knot Fairy,” and “Lamenting the death of dear Frosty.” Thanks for the sweet reminder.

  2. I struggle with this very thing with my children. It seems like the more I push them to hurry the slower they become, so I’ve tried not to hurry them. I’ve tried to get them up earlier. I’ve tried to have more ready in the evening so we didn’t have to gather it in the morning. It’s still a struggle. I’m so glad you both had a better start to your day today…even if you were late. I love the days when we don’t have to rush. So much better for everyone!

  3. Dana, we have talked about this rushing thing before. Poor Maddie is trying to teach you to take your time with her. I do the same thing to Ev and I feel horrible and guilty every time. Actually, since we talked about how we do this to our kids all the time I have really tried to slow down with her. You taught me that because I wasn’t listening when Evie tried to teach me. ha ha

  4. What a beautiful slice. I feel like that often with my students… hurry up so you can listen and I can teach. I love the moments where we all share and no one is in a hurry.

  5. So glad you realize what’s important. Life takes us for a ride some days and it feels so good when we can find those moments to step off for a while. I wish you more of these days!

  6. I loved this post. Maddie might not appreciate it now, but in a few years she will definitely realize how lucky she is to have a mom who is late for work every once in a while in order to slow down and really listen.

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