A Writer

Hosted by Two Writing Teachers

Hosted by Two Writing Teachers

(A first draft)

Was someone who:

wore glasses

sat at a desk

was surrounded by crumpled scraps of paper

had a steaming mug of coffee

had a dog asleep at his feet

typed without hesitation, spilling out the next great novel

wrote alone in his office of polished wood

But now I think maybe

a writer is someone who:

sits on a couch in her pajamas

has a Katiebug playing at her feet

stares at a blank screen but believes the words will come

is surrounded by a community of writers

writes more in her head than she does on paper or screen

Now I think a writer

is me.


11 thoughts on “A Writer

  1. I have those same images in my head of what a writer should look like! Is it from old movies? Old pictures? I love the “new” look of the writer – and it is definitely you…..Us!

  2. it’s interesting because i have the same images of what a writer looks like and i never thought myself as a writer… and now i am starting to break through those stereotypes and realizing that i could very well be what i want to be whether it’s a runner, writer, etc.

    thank you for helping me reflect and realize that writers, runners, people… come in all different shapes/sizes/etc.

  3. Oh Dana. I agree. You are a writer! It’s funny because I have some
    of those same visuals of what a writer looks like. A pencil behind one ear, a quiet cabin with a typewriter, a fireplace glowing in the background, a stack of crisp white paper waiting to be fed into the typewriter. Ha! That’s just not me! I like to write with my hot chocolate and for sure in my pajamas and probably while a Johnny angel or Evie bear sit very nearby. So cute. You are a writer and a good one too!

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