Everyone should have a sister.  I’ve been blessed with two.  This is about one of them.

When we were younger, we used to put on ‘shows’.  One of us would be the singer, and the other would be the back-up dancer.  She would sing her heart out in to our hairbrush-turned-microphone, and I would wiggle and dance behind her.  Time to switch roles!  She would say, “This time, I think the dancer should be in front.”  I’d dutifully agree.  There I was, singing MY heart out behind my dancer!  Sheesh.

One year for Christmas, Santa brought us identical presents.  They were child-size owls holding a chalk-board with little compartments to hold chalk and other things.  We walked down the stairs Christmas morning and went running to the owls.  She touched one, and his glasses broke and fell off.  “Oh, Dana,” she said, “Yours is broken.”

We shared a bedroom for most of our childhood, and she used to sing me to sleep when I was scared or sad.  Every. Time.

She is the only person in this whole world who knows all my demons.  She has met every skeleton in my closet, and she loves me anyway.  She was my first friend.

Everyone should have a sister.


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9 thoughts on “Sister

  1. I miss my sisters so much! But I feel like we’re still close since I speak to them on Skype. Because our relationship is so secure, I feel safe to be away from them for now. They and their children (my nieces and nephews) will draw me back home. My sister and I were separated once when we were little–one went home to America with our Mom and later the other with our Dad–when our family was reunited at the airport, we ran for each other, not our parents.

    We loved to play school. We shared Fischer Price toys, fake “Baby Alive” dolls–Baby This and That–and later clothes. Then our little sister was born just before we were teens. We loved her like a baby doll. Only she was real–we changed her diapers–so we finally got our “real Baby Alive.”

  2. Loved this post! I have 2 sisters also and we all did similar things to each other!! I don’t know any sisters who haven’t 🙂 So glad I have 2 girls right now – can’t wait to see them grow up together.

  3. I have one sister, older, and we have had a love/hate relationship all of our lives. I kinda wish I had at least one other sibling to take some of the pressure off. Your slice reminds me that we have rocky times with our siblings and it’s OK. 🙂

  4. Oh, I so agree! Sisters are an amazing gift … or I guess I need to say they can be amazing gifts (I know too many people who have difficult and painful relationships with their sisters). I loved this slice. It felt so on-target and made me think of my own sister, my closest friend.

  5. Oh Dana, I absolutely love this. I, as you know, have two sisters as well and I cherish every moment with them. You inspired me to write a few pieces about them. Sisters are the best! I love that I feel your bond in these few words.

  6. Dana, I laughed out loud about your poor owl. That sounds like something I would have done to my sister! My older sister was my first friend and she knows all about the good and bad of Jill. She loves me anyways. Thank God! I don’t know where I’d be without her.

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