Goals #Slice2013


My goals for the March Slice of Life Challenge:

1.  Write everyday

2.  Make quiet, interrupted time to write.  Not just find time.  (This was actually makes me laugh.  Yesterday, I wrote with a baby on my lap and a toddler pulling at my leg.  But today, I’m writing in the morning light in a quiet kitchen with a cup of coffee.  So…. it’s possible.)

3.  Use my Writer’s Notebook.

4.  Write about my children.

5.  Not only write about my children.

6.  Write at least one poem.

7.  Try some new formats or writing techniques (looking to fellow slicers for inspiration here).

8.  Be available to support my colleagues who are participating with me.  Be encouraging.

9.  Comment on both my colleagues’ writing and non-colleagues’ writing every day (it didn’t seem right to use the word ‘strangers’ here.  You all don’t feel like strangers.)

10.  Live like a writer.  Be more aware.  Don’t always have planned topics for my Slices, but discover some as I live.

11.  Learn some lessons about being a writer and writing that I can transfer to my students.  This is probably my most important goal.  I’m already learning so much.  I can’t wait to celebrate with my colleagues in April so we can share our learning!

12.  Share my writing with at least one person outside of this challenge.  Probably my hubby. Maybe my sisters, too.

I’d love to hear from other slicers about some of your goals!


15 thoughts on “Goals #Slice2013

  1. Love your list! I could say “ditto” to all except the toddlers. Those days are gone but teenagers can quite needy as well. I feel
    I need to walk in my first graders shoes this month. I ask them to write each day in writing workshop and I do write for them and with them but not EVERY day. This is for me to grow as well. Good luck and treasure these baby days.

  2. Here’s what I do with my writing from SOLC: I print it and paste it (literally) in my writer’s notebook AND I also paste each day’s entry into a shutterfly book that I then publish at the end of the month. It’s a wonderful keepsake of the month-long challenge. Good luck!

  3. You are a brave soul to try number 7… I think that one scares me the most!

    I think a goal that I would have, is to use these pieces in my classroom as models for techniques that we are teaching. To show the students that I use, outside of school, what I teach them inside of school. I would also like to use these as rough drafts, going back to them and changing by adding, subtracting, and moving around pieces as I see fit. Lastly, my goal, like all real writers, is to publish my pieces as a complation… That one is the most important to me.

    Hopefully some of those goals help!

  4. I love these goals and I love that you have challenged all of us at work! This has been such an amazing experience so far and we’re only a couple of days in– I hope that my enjoyment of this process continues.

  5. Great goals! This is my 3rd challenge and I can’t begin to tell you how much this group and this challenge have affected my writing life. I write alongside my students now, share what I’ve written, tried new things. It’s awesome. You will grow in ways you can’t even imagine!

  6. Your blog will have amazing posts at the end of March! You made me think about a new format that I have not tried before. I will need investigate. Thanks for new ideas!

  7. These are wonderful writing goals…#10 and #11 are so important, I think, for those of us who teach. We learn so much as slicers that we can take back to our classrooms.

  8. Great goals. Number 10 is a big one of mine. I can’t believe how much I am already noticing that I wouldn’t have thought twice about before- even if some things I might never write about.

  9. Your list is great. While I’m with you on all of them.. The ones that particularily stick out are trying new writing styles and techniques-whihc includes # 6- at least one poem, transferring lessons to my classroom (inevitable right?), and sharing posts with people in my life not participating. In my case, I think it will be my mom and sister. I just shared the challenge with them this morning. I love everything about this challenge and am grateful you presented us with it Dana. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!

  10. write, share, live! those are my goals and your goals are fabulous. before, when i had my old blog, i thought that you could only write about your thoughts about what was happening—- like a live diary or something. never did i think that i truly could do any type of writing that i wanted… thanks for opening up this challenge to the rest of us!

  11. This is a great list of goals! I love that you are going into this challenge with goals in mind. Last year was my first time participating. I started the month with a list of topics to choose from because I was worried about not knowing what to write. The blank page is a scary thing! I used my list for the first two or three days and then I began to really notice the little things around me each day. I started to think more like a writer. I started to mentally write my posts in my head as my day unfolded and pretty soon I had to narrow down what I was going to write about instead of having to figure out a topic. Enjoy your first challenge and good luck with your goals!

  12. This is my second year in this challenge. Last year it was about writing something each day and learning from other slicers. From that month-long challenge, I learned that life is about all the little things and it made me notice so much of what goes on around me. This is a great list of goals – I hope you accomplish them.

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