I think we all have random memories from our childhood.  We remember the “big” stuff – birthdays, holiday traditions.  But we remember moments, too.   Nothing special – just snapshots of our unique childhoods.

My daughter and I were getting our shoes on this evening for a quick shopping trip to Target.  I started singing “Target-Target-Bo-Barget.  Banana-Fana-Fo-Farget, Mi-My-Mo-Marget.  Target.”  We hopped up, and a silly, run-around-the-kitchen dance began.  She was squealing with laughter.  My husband heard the commotion from the next room, and he came in the kitchen, holding the baby.  One look, and he joined right in, much to the baby’s delight.  There we were, the four of us, running in circles around the kitchen, singing a silly song.

I hope I teach my girls many things.  I hope we create lifetimes upon lifetimes of memories.  And I hope one of the things they remember is that, sometimes, we danced in the kitchen.

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