My Mom


checks the expiration dates on all my food in fridge and pantry.

shows up with a gallon of milk because she notices we are running low.

reads the obituaries first when she opens the paper.

clips coupons for me.

knows how crabby I get when I’m hungry.

thinks Neosporin and a cold rag can cure anything.

told me once to save my tears for when I really need them.

believes in God.

has hands that look just like my Grandma’s did.

loves my kids as much as I do.


Is the single greatest influence on my life.



13 thoughts on “My Mom

  1. Great list, love the specifics of checking food dates and reading obituaries and Grandma’s hands–made me tear up thinking about all the things my Mom does for me too.

  2. I immediately thought I wanted to write something like this for my mom after reading your piece. Funny – once we start thinking of ourselves as students of writing it doesn’t seems so weird for the students we teach to want to emulate our writing – especially when they’re just starting out! Thanks Dana!

  3. I love this! I got a bit teary at the line about her having your grandma’s hands. So much of what you listed could be my mom! Thank you for sharing…I think I may try this out myself.

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