I’m the rope. It’s a game of tug of war, and I’m the rope.

The team on the left is my kids, my husband, my mom, my sisters. Individually, they’re not formidable, but together, they exert some force! They pull, and I inch towards the left. Sometimes the pull is subtle…a comment from my mom, a look from my husband. Sometimes the pull is forceful…the realization that I haven’t played with my daughters for 3 days.
Love and guilt. Pulls me to the left.
The team on the right is my colleagues, my boss, authors of my favorite professional books and blogs. It’s my job,and their pull is strong. I inch to the right. Sometimes I don’t think they know we’re playing Tug of War; they don’t realize they’re pulling.
Ambition. It moves me to the right.
Everyone knows what happens to a rope if you pull and tug on it too much. It breaks. And everyone who was pulling and tugging falls to the ground. I won’t break if everyone eases up for a minute. Just hold me, don’t tug. There’s too much tension in me. I don’t want to play this game anymore.

18 thoughts on “SOL

  1. First, welcome to SOL on Tuesday! This is a pretty incredible community of people who understand just how you feel as you are pulled in two opposing directions! I, for one, really appreciate the pull and tug you describe. It’s hard to have the “parts” of you life tug at your heart and it’s a daily balancing struggle to keep going at times. It does, however, get a little easier as kids grow up!

  2. Another welcome to the world of slicing. The others are right–we know how you feel. Most of us are teachers and walk that delicate line between home and work. But when your work is also your passion, that tug of war can really be a battle! But, as little ones get older (and sometimes need you more than they did when they were little it seems), you find more and more ways to balance your time. I have found that the Tuesday slice time is my favorite of the week. It’s something just for me!

  3. …many years of this war! It is important to realize and do the checks to make sure that you are holding middle ground…I think for us, it was really seasonal…something to think about, but one of the things I’ve learned is that we can’t have it all – all the time. XO PS Great to hear your new voice XO nanc

  4. What a powerful first slice of life writing! Every word had me nodding in agreement. Thankfully my tug is no longer pulling so hard every day, but I still remember. Welcome to this nurturing community.

  5. Great slice for your first one! Life is a tug of war for sure no matter who the players are in one’s life. Someday, someone will tell us how to stop playing the game..but will we listen?

  6. Welcome to our writing community!

    What a fantastic way to start off slicing by describing the tug-of-war so many of us feel. I don’t think it ever gets easier. Were always going to be pulled into directions. I guess we just have to decide which one is more important at any given time.

  7. Welcome to Slice of Life. I’ve come to the realization that there isn’t – and never will be – enough time in the day. The same things pull me: my family, my responsibilities, our house, school, planning, reflecting, writing, reading. Whether we go left or right, we often miss the time for ourselves. Today I tried to take the time to get to the gym – and to write a quick slice. I hope every once in awhile you will let go of the rope and steal a few moments for you.


  8. Welcome to this supportive writing community! I’m so glad that you joined us! I’m a working mom of twin almost-three year old girls. It is hard. It is so hard and the pulling is constant. But some days we lean to the right and others we lean to the left, constantly looking for balance. Writing slices is a little moment in time for me and the writers, teachers, mothers, etc. are so reassuring and understanding. I loved your first slice and look forward to reading more!

    I’m a reading specialist in a K-5 building with my toes dipping into the possibility of coaching (even though it scares me!), so I look forward to reading about your journey in both worlds!


  9. Welcome to our Tuesday Slice of Life. I love what you captured in this slice with the words . . . I’m the rope. It’s a constant struggle to balance the demands we feel. I like your recognition that the pull can be subtle or forceful, but it’s always there.

  10. As most have stated, the constant tug you describe fits the working mom! Our desires to be the best we can be at everything sometimes adds to the tension on the rope…
    Welcome to the SoL community! Awesome place to write!
    Just remember the little people in your life-there are no do-overs with them…
    I understand how you are feeling-I feel the same!
    That’s why my OLW is balance this year!

  11. Ah! The proverbial tug of war we all experience as dedicated, hard working professionals! I feel the tug often and sometimes try to hide my professional self during the wee hours of the morning (like now!) and sometimes I am defiant about it. Other times, it goes the other way: my family calls and I go running because that is nourishment I need and want. Were there one answer for both sides. Yes, hold me. Don’t pull me. Don’t stretch and pull. But, I have to choose sides sometimes rather than stay in the middle. Make sense?

  12. Welcome to the Tuesday Slice. I have been writing here for only a few weeks. I don’t have any children, and I don’t work full time. But I do constantly feel the tug to take a nap instead of write. I am delighted to meet you.

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